World - signifies the place and sentient beings in this world and in other worlds.

Being on the world – means that the center, project or service exists to benefit all sentient beings, the whole world, and the whole world is supporting the center, project or service.

Two palms together holding  precious wishfullfilling jewel -signifies the ability to be able to satisfy every sentient beings needs and wishes - symbol of Bodhicitta-great compassion {our name,Chag Tong Chen Tong , given to us by Lama Zopa Rinpoche translates as 1000 armed compassionate eyed looking one - the Compassion Buddha}

Lotus - signifies coming out of the mud, that sentient beings' minds are in nature pure, unstained by true existence, like the lotus born from mud but unstained. The lotus signifies the Sangha, the pure monks and nuns, being wish-fullfilling for all beings, bringing all sentient beings to achieve the whole path to enlightenment.

Sword – signify in particular Lama Tsongkhapa's unmistaken right view, understanding the middle way, also cutting the root of samsara and revealing the truth to others. The sword of wisdom of wisdom realizing emptiness cuts the root of samsara for oneself and for all sentient beings.{not applicable in our logo}

Text – the text which reveals the whole path to enlightenment via listening, reflecting and meditating. Understanding the teachings and being able to achieve the path.{not applicable in our logo}

Pile of jewels - signifies fulfilling all sentient beings wishes - this creates the cause to have success and to have all the realizations from guru devotion up to enlightenment and be able to fulfill the wishes of all sentient beings. They also signify receiving all the needs and necessary conditions to complete the path. Especially for all the Sangha to be able to fulfill the wishes of all sentient beings.

Beams radiating out from an implement above the lotus (this implement changes for each center) - the beams signify the center continually benefiting sentient beings. They signify that everyone who comes to the center receives all the realizations, that the center continually benefits sentient beings up to enlightenment, liberates all sentient beings without effort, spontaneously liberates all sentient beings from suffering by eliminating darkness (ignorance on the mental continuum) by the light of Dharma and bringing them to enlightenment.

The bodhi leaf signifies that all practices on the path to enlightenment, from guru devotion up to enlightenment, must come from the good heart, bodhichitta, the thought of benefitting others: from the very beginning all the stages of the path must come from bodhichitta. The bodhi leaf also signifies the way you guide numberless sentient beings with bodhichitta, the good heart. Bodhichitta is the heart practice, so to bring everyone to that. This is what makes it possible to achieve enlightenment.

The beams emitting from the bodhi leaf signify spreading the light of Dharma in the 10 directions to all sentient beings and dispelling the darkness of all sentient beings.

The dragons are for strength - to be very strong in one's heart and mind, strong in Dharma practice, strong in higher training – morality, the vows, higher concentration, wisdom, also to overcome all the obstacles – the  inner obstacles, delusions and the outer obstacles, such as financial needs.