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Holy Objects in progress.....

Chagtong Chentong has plans in progress for 4 Holy Object projects to date.

2.8mt Stupa (type yet to be confirmed)
2.8mt 1000 Arm Chenrezig Statue (Buddha of Compassion)
2.8 mt Buddha Statue (height includes lotus throne base ) ( see Our Golden Buddha news below)
1.5 mt Prayer Wheels x 3
Lama Zopa Rinpoche advised that CTCT build a 9ft Stupa and also a Thousand-arm Chenrezig Statue, of the same size, to create the merit for conditions for CTCT to establish and flourish, specifically related to all the people that will be involved in bringing the holy objects to fruition, creating the merit to benefit the Centres development.Rinpoche also advised that these Holy Objects should be completed before the main gompa or accommodation buildings on site would be completed
We also have 3 prayer wheels 1.5 mt each under construction currently.The Stupa project is yet to begin - in waiting for a beautiful site on long wished for  Retreat land ...and clarification of the type of Stupa ..hopefully soon to come!
And in the meantime we had the wonderful opportunity to acquire this ( see images below of its arrival to Snug Tasmania early 2011) beautiful prototype of the Jade Buddha - we call it our Golden Buddha -  we hope when filled, completed and in place it will be golden and glowing - moving hearts and minds.We have not decided if it will be in an outside garden or a welcoming entrance to the centre property or whether we will build the altar to house this Buddha indoors.
Our sister Centres, both the Great Stupa & Atisha Centre in Bendigo supported CTCT greatly in acquiring and transporting our Statue to Tasmania from its place of construction in Thailand and we are forever grateful for their kindness and generosity.
CTCT have benefited greatly from a successful application from The Merit Box Project assisting financially towards  our Holy Project plans
Planning ongoing fundraising to bring all these projects to completion is ever in progress...and ever needing creative ideas, vast vision and long term commitment.
CTCT would love to hear from you  if you wish to offer any assistance of any kind in any way great or small email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The contents to fill the Golden Buddha are being organized currently and we are ordering the mantras to be rolled at Khachoe Ghakyil Nunnery on Kopan Hill in Nepal...we are also sourcing all the other many ingredients it takes to fill the insides of the Statue - things like sandal wood powder, rose petals and many other precious things....more information on ways that you can be involved and assist this project coming soon....or PLEASE DO CONTACT US if you have useful information or ideas or any kind of generosity  to share with us ...any time.

HOW TO BUILD A STUPA ------highly recommended to relax and enjoy and be greatly inspired by this moving account from beginning to end at our Centre in Boston US

It was a very special day in February 2011 in Snug Tiers when Bob and Maxine from Atisha Centre drove into the driveway with our Buddha wrapped in blue towering atop a trailer pulled by their travelling van strapped with kayaks and bikes in view of a quick sight see around this beautiful Island after the precious door to door delivery.
We call this our Golden Buddha because this Buddha image was sculptured, with reference permission, from the Golden Buddha statue which is at the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya India where the Buddha gained enlightenment.
Here you can see an image and access the history information of this scared site.
The power of Holy Objects was definitely tangible on this beautiful day amongst a  small group of CTCT members able to be here for this wonderful event and we shared a delicious lunch together afterwards in celebration.
Here are some experiences on the day by those present …..

"Once the Buddha was finally set up on the temporary altar, I stood back to look and unexpectedly felt the upsurge of a great sense of warmth and spaciousness at my heart, and the tickle of tears forming in my eyes. Until that moment, the process had been more like just moving a very large object, indeed a very special one named The Buddha. But now suddenly this object came alive, became a holy subject! This was very moving for me, a strong affirmation of my faith and devotion."

“It was a blue and bright day, auspicious for the arrival of our Golden Buddha.  A welcome already for each of us was seeing all the colours of the prayer flags flying in a canopy above the Golden Buddha's temporary home as we came up the hill to Lindy and Dan's land.
We were ready for the arrival of Bob and Maxine and the Golden Buddha. They had been travelling south all the way from the Atisha Centre at Bendigo, with the carefully protected and fully wrapped statue on a trailer behind their van.
We gathered in front of the little building which waited with the doors wide open, on this beautiful day in the clear wind.  We all appreciated the wonderful Feng Shui of this place, with the mountain behind and the waters of the Channel and the Derwent River in front; and near at hand the lovely garden and the forests.
Then Lindy climbed up and uncovered the beautiful face of the Golden Buddha for our first glimpse.  Shining white now, not yet gilded, and smiling at us with a serene and peaceful expression, for me this was the moment of its arrival among us, as we gazed face to face on our inspiration.
Carefully the rest was unwrapped, and carefully, carefully carried into the little shed and placed on a carpet covered plinth, under a swag of prayer flags.  There it is now, ready for the next steps in its life with us, the Chagtong Chentong Meditation Centre.
The workroom shed had been the playground of Lindy and Dan's children, and the whitewashed walls and the inside of the open doors were covered with their colourful graffiti.  I thought that this was a brilliant metaphor, the clear Buddha nature inside our human frame.
Our deeply grateful thanks to Lindy, whose care and the organisation has brought this great blessing to us; and to all who have helped in so many ways; and to Bob and Maxine for their kind delivery to us.   It was lovely to meet them, and we look forward to seeing them again, here or at Atisha Centre.”
*** Please look out for further updates and alerts in the Holy Object area of this site for ways that you can become involved in the journey towards completion of filling, painting, gilding and setting in place this beautiful Buddha statue for all to enjoy and benefit.

Chag-tong Chen-tong is affiliated with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT).

What is Chagtong Chentong?

The development of the good heart, loving kindness, bodhichitta, caring for others more than ones self, is our primary job. Methods to transform the mind and develop these qualities, which is where all peace and happiness originates, is our core activity at the Centre.

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