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2013 New Year News


Dear Friends

A most wonderful beginning to our new years program with Ven Lozang Yonten visiting from Kunsang Yeshe Centre NSW recently ...2 full days of Dharma, lively discussion, quiet meditations and contemplation's , friendly company and heartfelt Medicine Buddha Praises, most delicious shared lunches ...and beneficial, hopefully long lasting, motivations set with ' the full of wisdom assistance of the 7 Point Mind Training' guidelines .....thank you everyone that helped make the weekend a great success on so many levels.

Especially greatest thanks to centre member ,Debbie Ruddick whom hosted Ven Yonten in her home, attended to all her needs, bringing to the Centre on schedule and welcomed and farewell-ed to the airport also and to Ven Drolma , Lillian, Emerald and Debbie whom hosted a welcome luncheon for Ven Yonten at the Botanical Gardens upon her arrival.

To everyone that brought beautiful nourishing foods to share over the weekend, the gorgeous, as ever, flowers that were offered ( and to Biddy our ever wonderful flower arranger ! )and a great thanks  to all that were able to attend over the weekend....many on both days  and also many that were able to take advantage of  just one day or an afternoon session or morning session. And thanks as always - every event at CTCT - to Greg - our Book shop man !

Big thanks and welcome back to CTCT to our new SPC [ Spiritual Program Co-ordinator] Lillian Hankel.

Lillian formally was accepted following her application for the  role mid year 2012 , after we fareweled Sandra Stubbings from this position , which she held for 2 years ,supporting me , as Centre Director, so well, and taking on many aspects of the complex role with great care, consideration and excellence amidst her own very busy life with work, personal and family commitments.

We especially recall and acknowledge the enormous amount of time and work that Sandra dedicated to assisting CTCT host the FPMT Australia National Meeting in 2010 at the Bahai Centre during her time as SPC ....and facilitating a 3 day workshop in liaison with FPMTA National Coordinator Helen Patrin, while hosting and caring for 35 participants from all our other FPMT activities around was a huge task but executed beautifully and effectively on so many levels...this workshop being integral to the foundations laid for the development of FPMTAustralias' developing and defining role supporting all the Centres and activities nationwide today and ongoing for the organization on a Regional level.

You can see a few pics here of this occaision :

This event also paralleled  with our hosting of the highly imminent  Dagri Rinpoche for a 4 day teaching event at the same time ! It was a very busy and blessed occasion.

[You also may recall it was Ven Yonten whom also joined us at this time to assist with all SPC activities and care with Dagri Rinpoche and attendant for 5 days.]

Within only a couple of weeks of Lillian becoming our new SPC , she had to leave for an extended stay in Canada to attend to family concerns for 6 months and so it is with great appreciation we welcome her back again this year and wish her the very best in this new role , supported also by Debbie Ruddick whom filled in as 'assistant SPC' during our very full and busy Program last year with Geshe Sherabs' month long stay and Jampa Gendun, Renate Ogilvie, Sonam Thackoe and other aspects of the scheduled program during July -December 2012

You can see photos of our weekend with Ven Yonten on our Facebook page....please 'like' us and tell a friend ...we would love to make 1000 likes by the end of 2013 ...currently we have 418


FYI : A snap shot of our expenses and income for Ven Yontens' visit to CTCT

Expenses:                      $797

Airfare                           $268

Teacher Offering            $360 [ fyi : CTCT offer a rate of $30 per teaching hour for visiting teachers]

Travel Misc                    $50

Puja  set up                   $32

Print Course materials    $87

Accommodation             fully sponsored

Course refreshments       fully sponsored

Income:                       $870  [via Course contributions]

Difference: $73




Another  wonderful set of teachings and retreats in store for us at CTCT during February with this great teacher - we are so very fortunate to be able to access and invite such a variety of accredited and accomplished, valid  teachers via FPMT Education Department such as Glen.

Glen will offer 2 weekend non residential retreats and a number of evening presentations which will make up the program of topics

Where: Criterion House ( formally CWL Hall) 108 Bathurst St Hobart - for ALL scheduled events

Here: for ALL Course details and booking information

We are very happy to welcome Glen back to CTCT for his 4th visit and encourage you to please consider Booking ahead to assist our planning and preparations.

About the teacher : Glen (originally from Queensland, Australia) has been a student and practitioner of Buddhism since 1995 and graduated from the seven-year Masters Program in Advanced Buddhist Studies of Sutra and Tantra at the Lama Tzong Khapa Institute in Italy in 2004.

Since 2005, with a teaching style emphasizing clarity and simplicity, he has taught extensively at Dharma Centres in Australia and also in India where he frequently leads both introductory and intermediate level courses in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and meditation at Tushita Meditation Centre in the town of McLeod Ganj (Dharamsala), home-in-exile of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.



We wish to advise that BOOKINGS ARE NOW OPEN for this Retreat

Here: For ALL information please visit

Ven Antonio will be hosting only one 10 Day Retreat in Australia in 2013 and Chagtong Chentong is very honored to be hosting this great event.

It is an extraordinarily popular Retreat and so we suggest you consider making application as early as possible as spaces are definitely limited and there is already a lot of interest again for this Retreat from interstate and around the world...with a 1/3 of the bookings available already confirmed by past participants returning again.The last Retreat we hosted in 2011 with Ven Antonio had participants from US ,Singapore, and every state in Austraila except NT

  • Thank you to everyone that assists and supports the Centre enabling our Program to continue in Hobart


We look forward to a busy and challenging year ahead with excellent opportunities abounding for study and practice with other visiting teachers scheduled :

  • Ven Robina Courtin- June - continuing Compassion teachings - The Key to well being
  • Thubten Yeshe - Easter Annual Lam rim Retreat ,
  • Jampa Jaffe- October - continuing his teachings on the 8 Verses of Thought Transformation
  • Renate Ogilvie TBC
  • plus monthly Dharma Days with Dr Sonam Thakchoe resuming in May & more.... !


  • MERIT BOX Co-ordinator for 2013 A warm welcome and thanks to Ven Drolma whom will be running a monthly Generosity Practice at the Centre utilizing the Merit Box Project Ven Drolma will be working with raising the awareness of this Project and presenting the Practice of Generosity as a monthly theme at the CentreEveryone whom registered to participate for 2013 - Your Merit Box Packs will be available for pick up at the Centre during Glen Svenssons visit in February - our first Day of Dharma to introduce this practice will be March 16th - check the Calendar on the website for continuing updates.If you haven't registered you can also participate on the Day and order your own personal kit then


Here: you will find more information on this Project

  • MEMBERSHIP Co-ordinator for 2013 A warm welcome and thanks also to Debbie Ruddick who has kindly offered to take on this role for the Centre


CTCT Membership runs on a calendar year Jan - Dec, ideally Membership falls due each New Year

Here: How you can become a Friend of CTCT


again , heart felt thanks to all for your interest and support

Please dont hesitate to contact us if we can be of any support to you in any way at any time

Lindy Mailhot

Centre Director

Chagtong Chentong Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre

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Summer ENews 2012

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